I earned my PhD in English at the University of Texas at Austin, where I taught literature and rhetoric and writing classes from 2005–2012. I have also taught rhetoric and composition, American Studies, and Capstone at St. Edward’s University. In addition to my academic work, I am a freelance writer focusing on food, travel, and culture. My work has appeared in the Austin Chronicle, Serious Eats, Texas Highways, and more.

I have extensive experience with proofreading, copyediting, and project editing, as well as deep passion for the craft of writing. I can help you get your college application letter, thesis, dissertation, monograph, and manuscript ready for submission.

Here are a few testimonials from previous clients:

Melanie really helped focus my college application essay. Her edits made my essay more concise and understandable (something very important when writing for an unknown reader). Melanie’s advice transformed my essay from a basic personal reflection to a relatable story of lessons learned that also revealed details about my character. — Zia L., Austin, TX

Melanie came highly recommended and she didn’t disappoint.  I enlisted Melanie’s help when I was working on my capstone project as part of my Executive MBA program.  The capstone project was intensive.  The project involved developing a 5-year business plan, which included over 100 pages of writing and content that required high-level reviewing and editing by an expert.  There’s no way that I would have been able to submit such a project without enlisting the help and expertise of a skilled writer and editor to ensure the integrity and cohesiveness of the project.  Melanie is a true professional.  She always makes sure that she understands the needs of her clients and is readily available to make constructive suggestions.  I anticipate that I will need to reach out to Melanie again real soon regarding my future writing projects. — Michelle Prudhomme-Coleman, MBA, Texas Woman’s University

Melanie Haupt provided indispensable help as I navigated an incredibly tough review process with my first book. Her edits were thoughtful and performed with the goal of not only helping me please the reviewers and editors but to connect better with the general reader. She was particularly helpful with the conclusion, which was the most agonizing section for me to write. In the end, I was offered a publication contract, and I am tremendously grateful to Melanie for helping me get to that point. — Dr. L. Ashley Squires, Director, Writing and Communications Center and Assistant Professor, Department of Humanities and Languages, New Economic School, Moscow, Russia